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At Kimberly Clark de México we adhere to a CODE OF CONDUCT, which establishes the principles governing the ethical behavior and conduct of all employees in all business activities, and provides guidance for dealing with customers, suppliers, other employees, shareholders and the public, with integrity and in an ethical and appropriate manner.

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Letter from our Managing Director


Throughout our history, Kimberly- Clark de México has been a Company, which strictly complies with laws, ethical management practices and the values in carrying out our day to day business activities. Our reputation for integrity and honesty is a valuable asset which we take pride in, and that every one of us must protect.

We must commit, embrace and constantly apply at all times the principles described in our Code of Conduct, as this is the ethical foundation that provides guidance in dealing with customers, suppliers, our fellow employees, shareholders and the public, with integrity and in an ethical and appropriate manner.

As employees of the company, we have the responsibility to encourage and preserve this culture by reading and understanding the Code of Conduct as we strive to conduct our businesses in an ethical manner.

Make sure you understand your responsibilities under the Code, including the responsibility to report suspected violations and to cooperate in Company investigations. In our intranet and at KCM´s web page, we have enabled an application that allows any employee to anonymously come forward with concerns about suspected violations to the Code, so that the Company can submit your report to a thorough and discrete investigation in order to respond quickly and take appropriate action.

Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to our Code, talk to your team leader, your Human Resources contact or the Head of the Legal department.

Let´s work together to preserve our reputation and leadership by strengthening our ethical culture through our honesty, integrity and courage to always do the right thing.

I’m counting on you.

Pablo R. González 


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