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Vision 2015 Achievements and Future Prospects
Energy Efficiency and Atmospheric Emissions Management
Procurement of sustainable fibers
Social Responsibility
Economic Development and Social Welfare.

Learn more about our Vision for 2015, achievements and prospects.


Fighting deforestation using virgin fiber from certified forests and recycled fiber from postconsumer paper

Que la derrama económica y los beneficios sociales lleguen a más personas.

Satisfying the hygiene and personal care needs of the Mexican families and promoting the economic development and social welfare.

Renewing our incoming material resources and reducing, reusing and recycling solid waste generated by our operations.

Reducing and renewing the use of water and energy; reducing atmospheric emissions

Efficient Water Use and Discharge Control

Use of post-consumer water

Use of water in tissue paper manufacturing operations

Wastewater Discharge

Solid Waste Management System

Comprehensive Waste Management

Hazardous Waste

About Us

Analysis of impacts, risks and opportunities

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Executive Summary of Results

Dialogue with our stakeholders

Our Consumers

Our shareholders and investors

Our Clients

Our suppliers

Our employees


Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)

Virgin Fiber

Recycled Fibers

CDP Forests

Managing atmospheric emissions

Economic impact of climate change

Energy Efficiency

Social, economical and environmental results


Environmental policy

Investment and spending on environmental care: 2015

Products - Lifecycle Analysis

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