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We all use Kleenex® tissues and cannot live without them. Whether at home, in the bag, in the car, always bring a small package.

In 1914, Kimberly-Clark® developed a cellulose to be introduced as a filter in gas masks during World War II. After completing this, said cellulose was marketed as feminine hygiene products, the first of which was Kotex®.

At first it did not have much success, so we decided to sell something else, make-up removal wipes called Kleenex®, a combination of the word "clean" and we changed the "c" for the letter "K" and the end of the word for "ex" as in Kotex®.

The first announcement was made at "The Ladies Home Journal" as "the new secret for maintaining beautiful skin as movie stars do."

And when were they first used to clean the nose? It turns out that the movie makeup artists began using these handkerchiefs for everything, like cleaning the nose, cleaning surfaces from spills, wipping the sweat from the face ... And in that momen, the company restates all advertising to let people know that handkerchiefs are hygienic and can always be used.

Since then, Kleenex® is the number one brand of tissues. Never leave home without them!

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