Kimberly-Clark de México’s position on microplastics

At Kimberly-Clark de México, we are against the use of microplastics that are intentionally added in the products, as well as the use of prodegradant substances and of any type of agents or additives that promote the generation of microplastics derived from our products.

Microplastics are very small plastic parts that are less than 5mm long1. Due to their origin, they are not biodegradable, in other words, nature can neither assimilate nor eliminate them on its own. These wastes derive mainly from a poor management of plastic wastes. Given their small size, microplastics are often ingested by a wide variety of aquatic organisms, adding to their structures and affecting their biology. Furthermore, their presence alters the quality both of water resources and human-consumption food that are obtained from fresh and sea water bodies; therefore, microplastics constitute a global threat.

We constantly analyze the ingredients contained in our products and any new ingredient before using them in order to ensure that no microplastic-generating raw materials are used.

This document represents Kimberly-Clark de México’s position. In no way does it intend to specify any regulatory requirements and it does not refer to any risk evaluation for human beings or the environment in particular.

1 According to the classification of the “U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)” and the “European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)” 

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