Kimberly-Clark de México’s position regarding the use of ingredients, raw materials and chemicals.

At Kimberly-Clark de México, we manufacture products under stringent quality standards, that are submitted to extensive internal and independent safety evaluations in order to ensure consumers’ welfare. We make efforts to identify and develop innovative solutions that may respond to consumer needs, while proactively assessing our technological findings and changing regulatory requirements.

That is why, for the preparation of our products, we abide by the Restricted Substances List (RSL) of our partner Kimberly-Clark Corporation, which allows us to ensure a global and consistent approach that protect our consumers, employees and the environment from any exposure to any concerning substances. The RSL represents a subset of chemicals that are prohibited or restricted of our product portfolio.

This RSL is applied to all Kimberly-Clark de México’s products and the materials used in their manufacturing, as well the packages that come into contact with the product, whether manufactured in premises of their own or with any of our providers.

This document represents Kimberly-Clark de México’s position. In no way does it intend to specify any regulatory requirements and it does not refer to any risk evaluation for human beings or the environment regarding any particular chemical substance or product. Providers must operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where they may operate. When local laws and regulations are less stringent than the list, providers are required to comply with Kimberly-Clark de México’s requirements.

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