At Kimberly-Clark de México, we support, respect and promote human rights. We watch very carefully to ensure that no collaborator may be involved in any violation of these rights.

Likewise, we constantly work with out providers in order to ensure that these rights are respected. We respect all preferences, without influencing, interfering or restricting participation of any person regarding any legal matters, under the applicable Federal, State or Municipal laws.

Here, at KCM, we accept no child exploitation (including child labor), physical mistreatment, abuse or sexual harassment activities, nor any other type of abuse. Neither do we accept any forced or compulsory labor, nor any employment and work-based discrimination, bullying and intimidation against any other person by virtue of their age, race, disability, nationality, religion, sex, sexual or affective preference, gender identity, appearance, political affiliation, and civil status, against our collaborators or third parties.

We are committed to constantly build knowledge and comprehension of human rights among our collaborators, through any channels in order to point out any concern that they may have regarding this important subject.

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