Kimberly-Clark de México’s position on animal testing.

At Kimberly-Clark de México, we are committed to the welfare of Mexican population and its ecosystems, particularly the care of flora and fauna. Therefore, we are against any practice or protocol that uses animals to verify the safety of products.

At KCM, we perform no type of animal testing for any of our products or developments. So, we do not have any premises to perform said testing, nor do we require any third parties to do so, nor any other company with which we have any business relationship.

We use techniques that are globally recognized by the industry to ensure the safety of our products, and our practices abide by protocols that avoid the use of animals to examine any effects such as irritation and skin sensitization, among others.

KCM products that reach our consumers have a quality and safety guaranty regarding their ingredients and materials, as well as the certainty that none of them have been animal tested.

This document represents Kimberly-Clark de México’s position. In no way does it intend to specify any regulatory requirements and it does not refer to any risk evaluation for human beings or the environment regarding any particular product. Providers must operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where they may operate.

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